Spilt Milk is a social enterprise based in Scotland whose mission is to promote the work of artists who are mothers, and to empower mothers in our community through childcare-supported creative activity. 

Family workshop, Custom House Leith. 2018

Family workshop, Custom House Leith. 2018

‘over 90% of new mothers in the uk admit to feeling isolated after having children.’


Aims & Objectives

  • To understand the specific needs and challenges faced by mothers in the arts.

  • To actively promote the work of artists who are mothers allowing their experiences to become an equal voice in contemporary art discourse.

  • To remove the childcare barriers which can hinder the participation of mothers in the arts.

  • To facilitate and encourage engagement, dialogue and participation between mothers in the arts and the wider community.


  • To deliver creative workshops and childcare for vulnerable mothers living in Scotland in order to tackle social and cultural isolation, improve confidence and provide a safe space for self expression.

  • To provide training and paid teaching opportunities for professional mother-artists to deliver creative workshops to local families.

  • To develop and sustain links and relationships with partner organisations working locally and internationally towards a similar goal.



We believe that the best way we can meet our aims and objectives is through an annual membership network for artists who are mothers. Membership is open to any self identifying artist and mother living anywhere in the world. For more information and a list of membership benefits, click here!


‘Of the top 100 artworks sold at auction in 2017, only 13 were by women.’


exhibitions and workshops:

although we do not have a permanent space (yet), we curate regular exhibitions, workshops and events in pop-up locations throughout Edinburgh. check out our latest exhibitions and have a look at our upcoming workshops.

all of our events are held in venues which are accessible, family friendly and we provide childcare for as many of our workshops as possible.

Lauren McLaughlin 'A Conflict of Interests' 2016

Lauren McLaughlin 'A Conflict of Interests' 2016


who is spilt milk?

Spilt Milk was founded in 2018 by Lauren McLaughlin, a Scottish artist, curator, community arts worker and single mother based in Edinburgh. Inspired by her own experience of developing and maintaining a career in the arts whilst raising a child, Lauren's aim was to create a support network for both mothers in the arts as well as mothers in her local community.


View Lauren's work on her artist page or read more about her journey in Making Motherhood Visible, the first blog post.



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