Adele Mary Reed

Coventry, UK


ADELE MARY REED has been experimenting with photographic imagery for over fifteen years. She graduated with a First Class degree in Photography at Coventry University in 2016 with a ten minute film piece “Notebook on Cats and Pigeons” which explored urban imagery, sense of place, and personal identity within the city. Her most common focus however is on using 35mm film with which she prolifically documents her explorations of the places she finds herself in, but namely the city of Coventry where she lives with her partner and daughter who was born in 2017. Adele’s work seeks to playfully highlight, maintain, introduce or restore the inconspicuous beauty within moments and things occurring during day-to-day life. She is interested in autobiographical archiving, taking unplanned walks,

plant-life, elusive moods of stillness and balance and topographical themes. She has recently exhibited at Class Room Gallery and The Tin Music & Arts, both in Coventry, as well as previously in London, Birmingham and Volgograd, and in 2016 undertook commissions from Coventry City Council and Coventry Artspace Partnerships. She is looking forward to showing unseen work at Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art in 2019. Since becoming a mother Adele has been thinking about the relationship between motherhood and making art and how the two can coincide successfully, something which she plans to delve further into over the coming years.


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