alison O'Neill

Cambridge, England, UK

Sinking , still from video work.

Sinking, still from video work.


still image from 'Nothing Gets Through, digital video 2017.

still image from 'Nothing Gets Through, digital video 2017.


Alison O’Neill has a MA in Feminist Theory and Practice in the Visual Arts from the University of Leeds and a BA in Fine Art from Falmouth College of Arts. She works with video, animation and drawing using autobiographical narratives as a starting point. Alison’s video, Nothing Gets Through, was shortlisted for the Birth Rites Collection Award 2017 and was also screened at Quickening at The Nightingale Cinema in Chicago

Alison has also recently exhibited with the Desperate Artwives Collective in London and co-curated Lass Struggle at FiLiA in London. Alison is an associate artist at DIEP (Digital Institute for Early Parenthood) and a resident artist at Cambridge Artworks.


still from 'Smother' digital video, 2017


still from 'House' digital video 2017.


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