cassandra Harrison

Edinburgh, UK

‘The Story Changes in the Retelling” mixed media.

‘The Story Changes in the Retelling” mixed media.


CASSANDRA HARRISON is a mixed media artist living and working in Edinburgh. Originally from the U.S.A, Cassandra trained in the States for her Fine Art major, minoring in art education before moving to Scotland. Cassandra’s work explores a variety of media and she uses whatever materials are needed to convey a certain tone in her artwork. Cassandra often uses textiles, however she also likes to experiment with paint, collage materials, and sometimes shrinkies. Cassandra’s work has been exhibited throughout the UK, and the U.S.A and has

regularly exhibited as part of the Royal Scottish Academy’s Open Art Exhibition. She is a member of the Society of Scottish Artists, and was selected by Detail Framing Studio to exhibit with them in 2018 at Edinburgh Art Fair. Cassandra’s work is in private collections throughout the UK and was recently featured in the ‘Edinburgh Art Book’ edited by Emma Bennet. Alongside her own art practice, Cassandra is an art teacher, inspiring young children to engage with art history and create their own mixed media artworks.


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