Helen Sargeant

Todmorden, England

Pregnant Woman, Nike Boy and the Pig Cats ; Digital Collage.

Pregnant Woman, Nike Boy and the Pig Cats; Digital Collage.

Don't scribble me out,  digital collage

Don't scribble me out, digital collage

Umbilical , digital collage.

Umbilical, digital collage.

The soldier on the bench , digital collage.

The soldier on the bench, digital collage.


Helen Sargeant has developed a collaborative practice alongside her family with the aim of widening the representation of work related to the maternal subject. Her work is autobiographical, it involves, researching, exploring, capturing and recording the complexity of emotions she feels and her experiences of mothering two children. Helen collects, collates, draws, writes, paints, performs, takes photographs, makes films, sound pieces and installations.  Alongside developing her own practice, Helen has been active in raising awareness of maternal subjectivity in art, and has developed several projects between 2012 and 2017. Helen's  projects include MeWe 

Dinosaur Breakfast:  M(other) Stories

Dinosaur Breakfast: M(other) Stories


an arts collective and peer support group set up in 2012together with Mo Brown, The Egg The Womb The Head and The Moon; an on-line interdisciplinary arts project about the maternal, which lasted 42 weeks to mirror the duration of a pregnancy, and M(other) Stories; a year long autobiographical project from 2014-15 about her experiences of mothering, with a focus upon temporality, and labour. In October 2015, Helen presented M(other) Stories at the Motherhood and Creative Practices Conference, at the South Bank University, London and her work was shown as part of Project Afterbirth at The White Moose Galley, Devon.

Dinosaur Playground : M(other) Stories

Dinosaur Playground: M(other) Stories


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