Kasey Jones

Ohio, USA

‘Working Mother Suit 1’

‘Working Mother Suit 1’


Kasey Jones’ creative pursuits are fueled by her need to connect with people. Through this human interaction, she becomes more connected to her immediate community and global community. Kasey uses her artistic voice as a means for civic duty. Her work instigates dialogue that forces viewers to confront issues that are typically hard to talk about. She creates both large-scale, participatory art projects as well as developing personal work that responds to pertinent social and environmental

injustices that impact her life and the lives of others. Kasey’s current work focuses on her experiences of being a woman and mother in contemporary society. The intent of her practice is to bring into view the voice of the mother through the experience of being a mother. Her goal is to reclaim the way that women/mothers are represented in the art world and to reestablish our experiences through the female perspective. Ultimately, increasing the perceived value of art created by women/mothers.


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