megan wynne

Chesapeake, Virginia USA


Double Birth

Double Birth


Above; The Foundation series, 2017.


Megan Wynne's practice is interested in the transgenerational legacy of the mother-child dynamic, in which beliefs, behaviors, and past traumas haunt one generation to the next. In the Motherhood project, she worked in collaboration with her two daughters to investigate her role as a mother in the context of the maternal legacy that she inherited. Through experimental and performative explorations in and around the home where she was raised, Megan reflects on the weight of the past as it is transmitted through her and will continue through her two children.  'In the work I use my maternal body as a site for exploring the interdependence of mother-child relationships. The mother is a place in

which identities may be blurred, mirrored, or completely absorbed. One may not be able to decipher where the identity of the mother ends and the child begins, and vice versa. In addition, the intimacy and intensity of the relationship creates a power dynamic that is shifting and fluid, and it is not always easy to define. True motivations and intentions are unclear. Through the mediums of photography and video, this work documents my journey through the experience of motherhood, in coming to understand my relationship to my children and my identity as a mother.'


Postpartum Nightgown,



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