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Jess Rippengale, Portwrinkle, 2017.

JESS RIPPENGALE is a Cornish artist currently living in London with her partner and son. Jess uses the traditional craft skills of whittling and crochet, handed down to her through the generations, to describe the British coastline. Driftwood is whittled into crochet hooks and seascapes are created, working with the idea that the wood reveals its ‘memory’ of the beach through its unique properties.

Sofia Barton, Raven, acrylic on canvas.

SOFIA BARTON is an Indian Artist born in the North East of England. Her heritage strongly influences her work. A collective mix of Punjabi-Jordan culture ignites her paintings with bursts of Eastern colours. Taking inspiration from local sites and folklore her paintings possess a vibrancy and energy that can transport you to exotic locations.

CASSANDRA HARRISON is an artist and mother working in Edinburgh. Her inspiration comes from living in this beautiful vibrant city with her beautiful vibrant daughter. Cassandra also teaches art in primary schools, sharing her love of art history and experimenting with different materials.

  Laura Fooks , film still, 2018.

Laura Fooks, film still, 2018.

LAURA FOOKS is a multidisciplinary artist using her personal experiences of Postnatal Depression, to produce work that challenges the perception of the bond between mother and child.

New York based multi-disciplinary artist GWEN CHARLES interjects the performing body, often her own, as an exploration of the female experience, in videos and live performances interweaving sculpture, video and movement. Performances, often in alternative spaces, take inspiration from everyday objects, dreams and historical references, merging elements of reality and magical realism. 

Lizzy Sampson, Birth Weight (3340grams) 2018. 

LIZZY SAMPSON is a Melbourne artist whose work spans visual and experimental artforms including databases, performance, wood-whittling, video, mapping, walking, word-play, installation, photography and painting. Lizzy is interested in systems of bureaucracy, resources, work, ownership and economies and often combines images, objects and symbols of nature alongside administrative or bureaucratic references.

Joetta Maue, Invisible Labour. 

JOETTA MAUE’s most recent body of work is a series of embroideries, drawings and photographs that explore the conflicts and contradictions that exist within intimacy and the domestic space. Joetta’s is especially interested in the role of personal relationships in our lives, seen in our most intimate moments and spaces.

Kimyibo, Kitchen Math, 2017.

KIMYIBO is an artist/mother, educator/artist, Korean/American/migrant living in Switzerland. These slash identities connect her with metaphysical themes such as tensions, transformation, multi-dimensionality, simultaneity, and migration. 

  Xaverine MA Bates ; Knitted Journal. 

Xaverine MA Bates; Knitted Journal. 

XAVERINE MA BATES is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer & collaborator exploring themes of gender, mental health, motherhood and intersectional eco-feminism. She is currently participating in the Artist Residency in Motherhood & collaborating with artist Clare Whistler on elemental, an experiential exploration of the elements through movement, site-specific artworks and meditation.

KRYSTELLE BAMFORD's poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The American Poetry Review, The Kenyon Review Online, Under the Radar and a number of anthologies. She has been awarded a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award and shortlisted for the Bridport Prize. Though raised in the US, she has been living in Scotland for the past twelve years where she worked at Canongate Books and completed an MLitt in Creative Writing at the University of St Andrews as a Craik scholar. She is currently finishing up her first full collection.

Imogen Di Sapia, Weaving, the Selkie & Wild Feminine. 2018.

IMOGEN DI SAPIA is an artist-maker in textiles, working with weaving to communicate her experiences of motherhood and perinatal mental health, combined with storytelling, folklore and heritage crafts. Imogen is an exhibiting artist, workshop facilitator, tutor and mentor in applied textiles.

Mychaelyn Michalec, It got immeasurably better when the laundry was done. 

MYCHAELYN MICHALEC is an American artist currently living in Dayton, Ohio. Mychaelyn’s work is a diary of her own domestic life. For her painting is a way of both resisting and embracing it. Her work speaks to the dichotomy of the family- emotional / physical closeness and yet frequently missed connections.

VICTORIA BROXTON is a visual artist, medical illustrator, art tutor and ceramicist living and working in the North East of Scotland. 

ANNELEEN LINDSAY is a professional photographer specialising in fashion, portraiture and the interplay between people and their environments. Her personal work draws on her previous studies in literature, theatre and film to explore the varied but connected themes of Romanticism, solitude, representations of femininity, feminism, the natural world and land usage.

  Kamee Abrahamian , 'Scattered, Sown'

Kamee Abrahamian, 'Scattered, Sown'

KAMEE ABRAHAMIAN is a queer, SWANA (southwest asia, north africa) interdisciplinary artist, producer, and facilitator who lives in Canada. Kamee's work is primarily collaborative, and is interested in ancestral reclamation, diasporic futurism, and radical imaginaries. They are working on doctoral research that looks at maternal experiences of queer, diasporic SWANA folks.


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