jessica kirkpatrick

Edinburgh, Scotland


Above: A woman in her garden, oil on canvas 2012, My mother doesn't listen, oil on canvas 2012. Structure of Being, oil on canvas, 2012,


Jessica Kirkpatrick is an artist and teacher living in her adopted home Edinburgh, Scotland.  Her work is in private collections across the United States, Europe and Australia.  As an Abbey Award Fellow and RAIR Grant alumna, she has developed her work in vital art communities.  Teaching both young and old, she loves to support adventuring artists. She believes that painting is a visceral anchoring into living sensation.  She is currently working on new series,  indulging a burgeoning interest in film-making and spending time with her  baby boy, Calder.

"Space is what we move through in the world; however by painting I explore space as psychic, pictorial, digital and temporal.  If minds create order out of a series of relationships between shapes and colors, the notion that experience is subjectively cohered provides a backbone for my art.  Painting is an engagement with sensation—a play of form. It carves memories of places 

and dream-scapes.  I define painting as a contemplative image-form which projects from the artists mind. I paint to engage my own mental space, to seduce my subconscious out into a material plane—to mirror my own nightmares, fantasies and narcissism.    Woman is a body, but she is also a multifaceted collection of principals and conventions.  I engage in the battle of representing the feminine, but also allow her to guide me as a philosophy of being and making.  The feminine embodies values of relatedness and cooperation, nurturing, magnetism, sensuality and creative manifestation.  My recent entry into motherhood provides a framework for structuring an artistic life, a lifestyle and a psychic lens, that is both sensible yet disarrayed— fractured yet ever so tender. " 


Above: The Arrest, oil on canvas, Chora, oil on canvas, Daphne


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