rachel fallon

Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Infant Survival Kit: Baby's first Knife, Service rattle, wool & cotton, 2013

Infant Survival Kit: Baby's first Knife, Service rattle, wool & cotton, 2013


Above: La Befana - performative object (Found object, wax, pigment, oat milk) 2017, Mother Medal no. 4 Ser Alt, Alltid - Sees All, Always (Embroidered Felt and Dish Cloth) 2018, Spoke (cast iron, enamel) 2016.


"Although the number of female artists is ever increasing, artist mothers and the maternal experience in art, are still contested in the mainstream contemporary art world. My work explores themes of protection and defence in domestic and maternal realms and addresses themes of maternal female embodiment. Conflicts and ambivalences within familiar territories, fragile boundaries of power and trust that exist in Mother/Child relationships, inform the initial choice of materials and technique for each work. 

The methods of making are crucial to revealing new ideas and resolving thought processes intrinsic to the original starting point of the piece. My research findings lead, not to answers but to the formulation of more questions. The work I make is an attempt to pin these questions down so that the viewer has the possibility to form their own answer through interaction with each piece. My practice encompasses drawing, performance, photography and sculptural work in metal, textile and paper."


Above: Mettle (unfired clay, bone, cast iron, pigment) 2017, Mother Hood - performative piece (wool,vvintage glass dolls eyes) 2017.


As well as an individual practice, Rachel Fallon also works in collaborative groups and collectives, both in Ireland and England. The two disparate ways of working feed into one another and are therefore equally important parts of her practice. She is a founding member of Outpost Studios, an independent artist led studios in Bray Co. Wicklow, a member of the artist collectives RAFT and The Tellurometer Project, and a member of U.K. collectives, Desperate Artwives and

MeWe. Rachel is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and a member of The National Sculpture Factory, Cork. Rachel exhibits regularly in Ireland and abroad. Forthcoming exhibitions include  – EVA International Biennale, Limerick, Ireland; Talbot –Rice Gallery, Edinburgh and Iron – R 3, National Sculpture Factory, Cork.


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