Robyn Leroy-Evans

New Orleans, Louisiana U.S.A.


Because I Love You (A Growing Dance, 2017)


Above; You don't know it yet but you are a gift, Doubled over with love, to let go someday will be painful. 2017


"A Growing Dance is a personal investigation into the body of the mother-artist, through the interaction with sculptural cloth forms.  As a child, I remember walking through grand art galleries with my own artist mother; I became fascinated by how folds of cloth could be rendered so seductively, in paint or in marble. Later, in art school, my research into drapery continued: I became aware of its many loaded cultural, historical, and metaphorical significances. In A Growing Dance, I am most interested in the parallels that can be drawn between draped folds and folds of flesh.  At once the 

material can be both something which hides or reveals, and act as a symbol of, the body. This duality has been at the core of my experience as a mother thus far - how I represent myself physically on the outside usually feels far removed from where I am emotionally, on the inside. Often it feels like my body has been given over to another, it is no longer mine. At the same time, I know it to be a site of tremendous strength and power, a life-giving vessel."


Above: I Will Go I, Guts & Vigor Installation, I Will Go II, 


Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to a Canadian mother and Welsh father, Robyn LeRoy-Evans spent much of her early life on the move. She bounced between the U.S. and Canada a few times, enjoyed a brief stint Down Under, and finally settled in the U.K., where she received most of her formal education. After earning a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University, she desired a fresh start in an unfamiliar city. A Google search revealed that New Orleans may be the kind of place she was longing for… 

Two weeks after making the decision to move, she touched down at Louis Armstrong International Airport, not knowing a soul, yet fiercely determined to carve out a new life for herself as an artist. Four years later it seems she has put down some strong roots: Robyn is now a member of an artist-run gallery, The Front; has met the love of her life; and most recently, has become a mother. Motherhood is unfolding into one of her greatest and most inspiring adventures yet.


shop work by Robyn Le-Roy Evans

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