Tracey Kershaw

Nottingham, England UK

Tell me about your mother, 2016.

Tell me about your mother, 2016.


Above: Peeling Potatoes (performance), That is my mother (photography), 50 things my son doesn't need me for, (performance)


Tracey Kershaw was born in Wales; she currently lives in Nottingham, and works from her studio at Backlit. Tracey graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2011 with a first class BA (Hons) in Fine Art. Kershaw’s practice focuses on the maternal, and in particular the complex and multi-faceted mother/child relationship. Her work is partly autobiographical, whilst at the same time reflecting on common experience. She incorporates collaborative and participatory elements into her art; gathering and sourcing data from life, others and the world around her,

and often integrating her own presence into her work.  She is currently one of six artists selected by East Midlands Contemporary Visual Arts Network to take part in a two year project called DOCUMENT, which tracks and presents the everyday life of an artist. Kershaw’s long-term project, ‘tell me about your mother…’ has gained national recognition, and in 2015 she was awarded the a-n Re:view Bursary to further develop this work and her practice in general. 



Above: Mother bowls, concrete, 2017.


Kershaw has exhibited widely, including a solo show ‘tell me about your mother…’ at Bromley House Library, Nottingham; ‘Modern Madonnas’ at St George’s Arts, Surrey; and ‘The Egg, The Womb, The Head and The Moon’ at Artsmill Gallery, Hebden Bridge. Her paper, ’50 things my son doesn’t need me for’ was published in Studies in the Maternal, an international, peer-reviewed, online journal (Autumn 2016).  In 2016, Kershaw both

exhibited in, and co-curated, an exhibition and series of accompanying participatory events, Artist as Mother as Artist, exploring the inseparable relationship between being an artist and a mother. She has just completed an AA2A artist's residency at Derby University, where she further developed her work, creating a series of sculptural works incorporating text from a selection of the ‘tell me about your mother…’ stories.


                      Above: Installation views from 'Tell Me About Your Mother', 2016.


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